We Can Still Learn from St. Dominic and His Order

The following article appeared on Catholic Exchange on Friday, August 7, leading up to the feast day of St. Dominic. I am grateful to CE for publishing my work.

In this brief series about living out the universal call to holiness, we have seen that lay people do well to learn from the spiritualities, charisms, and lifestyles of some of the great religious orders. The summer months host the feast days of some of those great religious orders. Those months make a great time to learn about new spiritual practices and incorporate them into our lives. We have already examined the Benedictines and the Carmelites.

One of the great religious orders is the Order of Preachers, also known as the Dominicans. The order celebrates the life of its founder, Dominic de Guzman, on August 8 each year. Whether or not we are professed in the religious order, incorporating at least a few elements of Dominican life and spirituality will help each of us answer the universal call to holiness and bring the grace of Jesus Christ into the world.

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Image: Guido Reni, The St. Dominic’s Glory (A.D. 1613)

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